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The Thief and the Emperor (Criminal AU)






The young woman let out a sigh as she slunk from the shaded shelter of the forest. She clenched her amber eyes as the sharp sunlight pieced into them. The day’s brilliance revealed the dark circles and bags under her weary gaze. She blinked to adjust to the light, then turned her attention to the quaint village laid out before her. The village was small, but looked pretty, almost like something that could come from a postcard. Eden grimaced, that familiar slimy feeling of guilt creeping into her gut. Though she noticed her conscience nagging at her, it grew quieter, or rather, she learned to better tune it out over time. If only the Ancient half-breed could do the same to the ghosts that constantly echoed through her thoughts.

Trying to relax her features, she stuffed her hands into her pockets and stepped onto the village’s cobbled road. She pasted the few people who were awake on this cool morning, complete strangers going about their business. Eden kept her head low, her gaze flicking up every once in hopes to find her target. She ignored the the throbbing tenderness that assaulted her knees, bruises she earned from the failed hunts. It had been a little over a day since she had any food, and that made the hours of wandering drag at a painfully slow pace. Hunger gnawed at her stomach; the Ancient grew desperate. Without any captured game, not only did she not have food, but no furs, horns, or meat to trade for gil. The only other option she felt she had left was to steal food, just like her time lost within the slums of what once was Midgar. It was a skill she developed in her younger days there, a skill she was not proud of but felt was necessary when it came to such dire times.

The smell of fresh baked breads and smoked meats graced her nostrils, causing her stomach to groan. She followed the scent to find what she had been searching for, a small marketplace in the middle of town. Already people gathered to collect whatever items they needed for the day. She slipped between the bustle, passing by the fruit and vegetable stands, gaze scanning for anything that could last her for another day or two. Her eyes widened as they feel upon another stand where there appeared to be a variety of salted and dried meats. When she caught sight of the large fish hanging of the rack by the stand, her mouth watered. She glanced towards the shopkeeper, a grizzly looking man who appeared to be busy haggling with a customer. She supposed she better make her move right at that moment.

The half-breed snatched a burlap sack that hung over a crate and slipped out of the shopkeeper’s view towards the side of the store. Casting one more look to ensure no one could see her, Eden snatched each fish, tossing them in the bag. She managed to take five out of the eleven on the rack until she heard a child’s voice. “Hey!” Her heart leaped into her throat, her head snapped behind her to see the young boy. He stared at her, small crate in hand, it was obvious he worked for the shopkeeper. “You’re stealin’!” “Wha-No, no!” Eden quickly shot back, her voice low as she tried to keep the boy from sounding the alarm. “I was just…I—” “Poppa,” the boy cried out, “she’s stealin’ our fish!” In a panic, the young bolted from the side of the store, the bag of stolen catch clutched tightly in her hand.

“Stop that thief!” A voice boomed behind her, making her yelp and shove people from her path. Her stained boots struck the pavement hard, her thoughts and instincts rushed through her as she ran towards the forest. There was no way she can lose the food she managed to take, and there was certainly no way she was going to lose her freedom over it. Eden jumped over the bushes and ran more into the wilderness, glancing back in fear of being chased down. She was not watching where, or even what, she could be running into.

Weiss’ hands itched, and he had to clench his hands into fists to keep from acting on the impulse that pounded with his pulse. He had been trying to avoid the urge for months now. The need for chaos and bloodshed was almost compulsive these days, and Weiss had been above ground long enough to realize that their society didn’t hold well-executed executions to the same standard that DeepGround did. To destroy in DeepGround was to demonstrate strength. If he went into the quarters of some lower soldiers and annihilated them, it was because he was expendable and they were not. To destroy above ground was, regardless of the quality of said destruction or copious population, something to be frowned upon. Murder was, for some reason, a particularly frowned upon crime, moreso than the damage of property or stealing. Baffling, Weiss decided, as he laid low in the woods. Death was a part of DeepGround, and that was a law that laid buried in Weiss’ blood.

The crowd of people near the village had had things good for far too long, in Weiss’ opinion. The people were prosperous, cheerful even. Weiss had gone into the village a few times, hiding his identity behind a false name and a long brown cape. He’d adopted the identity of the man he’d stolen the cape from; a hunter from the woods, and was even able to trade the pelts of some animals to truly sell the act. However, all of his camouflage was temporary. At minimum, he could blend in between them for a few weeks. In the end, he would always leave small villages like that in smoldering, blood-soaked ruins.

Weiss found himself pacing in the woods outside the village, debating on whether the temporary shelter would be worth the inevitable slaughter. A voice rang out above the bustle: “Stop the thief!” A woman dashed into the wilderness, heading more or less in his direction, but clearly more concerned with the parcel in her arms than anything else. Weiss slipped behind a thick tree and watched her hurry past before dashing after her. At the least, he could take what she carried. Perhaps she had the same appetite for destruction that he had, and the benefits of a partner was tempting. Death may have been a part of DeepGround, but solitary pursuits weren’t always the answer.

Her head turns back ahead of her, her teeth clenched as she pushed herself harder. She bounded and weaved through the rough terrain like a terrified deer.  A stabbing pain of exhaustion tore into her side; she mustered all the energy she had left to run faster, just beyond their reach. Wide panicked eyes searching the blurring landscape around her, looking for somewhere, anywhere, to lose the angry shouts that still roared behind her. The muscles in her legs burned as she pounded up the small hill. Eden glimpsed at the undergrowth towards the hill’s downside. She didn’t know how much longer she could run; her instincts seized control, muffling the growing fear of deeper trouble if she didn’t surrender. The Ancient dove towards the bushes; she let out a sharp gasp as the air knocked out of her chest.

She pressed her body tight to the cool earth, fighting to control the heaving breaths as she listened. Her muscles tensed as she waited. Eden closed her eyes, mouth gaped as she panted. She waited for the angry voices, the stomping of boots. The minutes dragged on, she could only hear her ragged breaths. Finally, she relaxed and tilted her head to look up with the bag still clutched to her chest. Wary gold eyes skimmed the area. She swallowed hard between breaths, hoping to calm the cold fire in her lungs.

Maybe she was safe…Maybe she lost them. How she prayed she that she had. Pushing herself up, Eden glanced up from the foliage, letting out a soft breath. Then, something didn’t feel right. The Planet urged for her to lie back down, to hide. Something, or someone was behind her, something of a deadly force. Panic surged through her blood, but the half-breed laid back onto the ground, her prize still pressed beneath her. She narrowed her eyes, trying to look through the stems and leaves that sheltered her, searching for what the voices were warning of.

Weiss watched her duck into the foliage, and he followed her movements. He strafed in a wide circle around her, with the silent steps of a hunter. Her endurance was good, but not something she’d been trained in. Still, the instinct to hide was something Weiss could appreciate. It was a smart move, in his opinion.

Carefully, quietly, Weiss made his way behind her. He listened to her heavy breathing, and with each breath, he made an effort to make his own quieter as he got closer.

How to proceed? How to present myself? Since Weiss’ reputation within DeepGround no longer heralded who he was, Weiss had gotten quite good at creating new people for everyone to meet. He wasn’t Weiss; he was Albarn, the hunter; James, the fisherman; Coxon, a humble father of two. But which identity would suit this nervous thief? What could make her trust him?

A thought occurred to him: Why bother with a disguise? After all, the best camouflage was said to be hiding in plain sight. If they were caught, she was a thief and it would be her word against his. Besides, he was tired of having to memorize a new name and life for himself every day.

Directly upon her now, Weiss lightly kicked her boot with his own. “Hey. What’d you take?”

Terror shifted into a quiet uneasiness as she couldn’t find anyone approaching, nevermind hear anything.  Yet as she looked for what she expected to be charging angry men, the voices of the LifeStream cried out their alarm throughout her being. Were these ghosts trying to deceive her, to drive her into a paranoid madness as they did to those before her? Then she felt a light bump on her boot, instantly triggering that flight or fight response. Eden let out a sharp gasp, jolting to her knees and turning to see the man behind her.

With the sunbeams penetrating the trees, the man looked like a shadowy large figure. Her breath got caught in her throat, her blood ran cold. She scrambled back from him, only to stop when the branches of the undergrowth pushed against her back. From where she now sat, the sun no longer blinded her from his features. Though he still looked imposing, she could see who he was now.  Fearful to meet with his sharp gaze, she pulled the bag closer towards her, holding it behind her. “Erm, I…I-I…” The woman’s mind raced frantically, trying to find any legitimate lie to give him. What if he was one of the town’s folk that were after her for the food? Although he didn’t seem as angry as they were, and something about him told her he wasn’t like the regular human beings she encountered. It was as though he could have been the one the LifeStream was warning about. She tried to shake it off, surely he was just a bystander. Surely…

“See, I…” Eden finally set her eyes upon his face, before letting out a heavy breath. She didn’t think she could come up with anything to save her hide now. “It’s fish,” the Ancient murmured, dropping her gaze from him. “I haven’t been able to catch anything for myself for a while; I’m not the best hunter.  And I don’t have any gil, I was desperate.” Humiliation burned her cheeks, fearing the impending consequences she was sure to get from this stranger.

“I promise I didn’t steal anything else, honest! I just wanted to eat was all.” She swung her head slightly to move the long messy bangs from her eyes. “Please don’t turn me in or tell them. I won’t go back and do it again. I mean, you know how rough it is out here, right?” She looked up at him once more, a silent pleading bright in her eyes.

Weiss’ features fell into an expression of understanding, not because he was sympathetic to her plight; he was a decent hunter, and had been able to live for this long. His understanding came from having been in this position before. There were many times that he’d found people stealing anything from food to information. Weiss had killed some of them, tortured others, and left others for the wronged party to do with as they saw fit. But he always laughed.

He laughed now, throwing back his head. “No one’s turning you in. I just wanted to know. Still, your methods are kind of… Clumsy. Why not just wait until nightfall, slaughter them, then take the food? No witnesses,” he pointed out.

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have you ever read a fic and your favorite character said something SO OOC THAT U LITERALLY HAD TO PAUSE AND TAKE A MOMENT


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Tsviet Headcanons


I felt this was something I should probably do. So, not in any particular order…

Prior to getting the wings, Nero loved heights. If you wanted to find him, particularly when fighting, you looked for the highest spot. That’s where he’d be. And if he could hang upside down, that was cool too.

When he still lived aboveground, Azul used to handicap himself in fights in order to make things more fun.

Nero knows the Deepground complex better than anyone. Once he learned to teleport, he explored every single nook and cranny of the place. He knows everywhere to hide.

Rosso’s particular brand of insanity is part of her experimental success; by messing with her brain chemistry, the Deepground scientists enabled her to bypass a lot of the unconscious limits that humans put on their body. The bloodlust and inability to handle the thought of anyone being better than her were side effects.

The only reason that Rosso is able to acknowledge Weiss as leader is because her loyalty to him predates the worst of her insanity. Even so, she tends to avoid evidence of his superiority where she can.

Weiss’s ability to absorb mako is a genetic fluke, but his survival of it is the result of his SND talent. It lets him filter out the bits of memory that would usually give someone mako poisoning and drive them crazy.

Shelke taught Weiss how to use his SND ability. In secret; the Deepground scientists did not know about Weiss’s ability. 

Weiss has far greater endurance than Shelke, but Shelke has far greater finesse. For that reason, whenever there’s anything subtle required, Shelke is the one called on. Weiss tends to wreck networks and break minds if he’s not very, very careful.

Shelke’s mako requirement is not so much a survival thing as a way of counteracting the extreme fatigue that results from her using SND or the Transparent form. (But yes, they could kill her if they pushed her too far.) Without the mako to restore her energy, she could literally spend days or weeks in recovery.

Nero’s darkness functions like a miniature Lifestream. It has bits and pieces of memory and emotion from its victims tangled into it, and one of the reasons why it is so difficult for Nero is control is that he’s actually fighting a form of mako poisoning every time he uses it.

Given the above traits, Shelke can actually help Nero by clearing his mind of those stray pieces when it becomes too much for him.

Rosso and Azul flirt by offering one another the last soldier to kill.

Shelke holds Rosso and Azul in mild contempt because of their single-minded drive for combat; she picked this attitude up in part from Nero.

Nero and Rosso hated one another practically on sight, and the animosity continued for many years. Weiss spent a lot of his childhood and adolescence pulling the two of them apart.

Rosso used to be more cerebral in her cruelty. Once the insanity kicked in, though, she just beat the crap out of everyone who came near her.

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